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Switch on to LED

LED Lamps are no longer an expensive luxury, the switch to LED is ON.

Switch on to LED

There was a time not too long ago when the mention of buying LED lamps brought a cold shiver down the back of the general consumer, this is because the price was sometimes 10 x more expensive than your traditional incandescent filament light bulb, thankfully now with the advancement of technology and growth in production the price point is equal to or in some cases less than your CFL energy saving equivalent.

So as a consumer and as a business in the trade why should you now begin the process of changing your range of lamps over to LED?

The most obvious reason is because incandescent lamps are very hard to come by now and even the "Rough Service" type are no longer allowed to be imported into the United Kingdom anymore.

Rough Service Lamps offered an opportunity for people to continue to use filament lncandescent lamps, however they are not to be used for household use, which caused some confusion from within the consumer market as large sheds and well known high street stores sold these.

Halogen style light bulbs remain popular, mainly because they look almost identical to the old incandescent light bulb another plus is there price point which is very good but in a new energy usage concience World this type of lamp is very inefficient it has a poor energy rating of D with a short life span, we should expect to see a ban on these within 2 years.

buy lyveco light bulbs online

So that leaves the much unloved CFL(compact fluorescent lamp), from the beginning people hated the look and the time it took them to get to there brightest, they also were not dimmable, contained mercury, looked ugly and you had to take them somewhere special to dispose of them, but suprisingly over time, they have become popular in todays culture the different shapes and guises making them much more palletable and easy to appeal to, there energy saving quality and solid long lasting ability made them marketable and gave them big slice of the light bulb market.

However with phosphor and the manufacturer prices rising the phase out of CFL will slowly begin to happen

LED (light emitting diode), has taken awhile to break through,though LED technology has been around for many years, but with the help of superior technology, eu legislation on filament light bulbs and with the Worlds population needing to reduce energy consumption LED Lamps have finally risen above all other types of lamps, both in style and price. There compact nature, feel and look of old style light bulbs has given them a big plus when it comes to the general public, not to mention they last more than twice as long as CFL's

Currently available in the Lyveco LED range

yvia electrical range of led light bulbs

At Dencon Accessories our Lyveco brand is embracing the LED Lamp change, Our R&D team in collaboration with our buyers have worked hard on finding the best solutions for our range and customers, Lyveco intends to be at the forefront of this LED evolution, by investing in our highly skilled team of researchers and with our buying power we are focused on bringing our customer base competitive pricing with high quality performance.

You can be assured we will only stock LED's that meet our high quality standards and are at a price point our customers find achievable to place in the market and gain from.

Benefits of buying LYVECO LED Lamps

  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Made to CE and BS High Standards
  • Premium Technology
  • Long Lasting
  • Instant on Action
  • Safe to use
  • True Brightness
  • TUV GS Certified

buy lyveco led light bulbs

TUV GS approved our range of LED lamps are proving very popular with wholesalers and consumers, our big focus now is to grow our range to meet every lighting demand and choice that the market needs, as CFL and Halogen begin to phase out we will replace with a like for like replacement and as the technology and performance gets even better we will update our range accordingly so you our customer benefits from our expertise in this very competitive sector.

Now is the time to begin your switch to LED Lamps, see our full range HERE. Additionaly non trade customers can purchase Lyveco lamps from our online store HERE

Lyveco TUV GS Approved Lamps

The Lyveco brand is part of the Dencon Group of companies. Dencon Accessories are a distributor to the trade based in Harlow, Essex.

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